The Chino Accusation



Family Number: 010.00J.073                          Family Name: Stone/Lopez

Date and Time Report Received: 10/13/84 4:30 p.m.            Hotline Call

Name of person Receiving Report: Michael Harrigan

Caseworker #: 001 010 028                            Unit: Intake Telephone: 499-7370


Name: Virginia Stone                                     Existing Record Found: Yes

                                                                        Closed: 10/1/84

Date of Birth: 05/13/79                                   DSS: M. Hamilton


Name: Marcia Lopez                                       Sex: Female

                                                                        Telephone: 433-6670


Family Number: 010-002-536

Reporter’s Name: Det. Peter McGuire           Telephone: 443-3511

Reporter’s Address

Pittsfield Police Department

Pittsfield, Mass 01201

Reporter’s Occupation: Detective/Police Officer

Has reporter informed the family that s/he will be making a report?            Yes

Reporter informed this worker that he received a call from stating her child made a disclosure about being sexually abused.


Type of Report: Sexual Abuse

Names(s) of Alleged Perpetrator(s): Chino

The reported child was taken to a pediatrician for a physical exam. It was during the exam that the child made a disclosure regarding Chino.

The child was being examined regarding the possibility that she was sexually abused by another alleged perpetrator. When the child stated that this alleged perpetrator out his dinky in her mouth, she was also asked if any one else had done this to her. Virginia stated that Chino did the same thing. When asking Virginia what did he do, she said, “put his hands on her genitals and dinky in her mouth.”

Virginia also said that Chino took her clothes off. She stated that this happened in Springfield at a Motel in the bathroom, while her mother was gone. Virginia said it happened once. She also said that her brother was also there.

When Virginia was asked what else did he do, she said he put his finger on my pussy.

                                                                        Family Number: 010-001-073

                                                                        Family Name: Stone/Lopez


Name of Social Worker: Michael Harrington

Caseworker # 001 010 028             Unit: Intake            Telephone: 499-7370

Date and Time of Assignment: 10/13/84            5:00 p.m.

Investigation Assigned by: Lance LaPointe

Caseworker # 001 010 909            Unit: Intake            Telephone: 499-7370



Marcia Lopez was called at her home. I arranged for her to meet me at my office 10/17/84 at 2:00 p.m.


Marcia called me and told me that she would not be able to make our scheduled appointment due to not feeling well. We arranged to meet at 10/18 at 2:00 p.m. in the Department of Social Services Office.


As scheduled, Marcia arrived at the D.S.S. office. Marcia told me that she talked with Dr. Sheeley yesterday. Dr. Sheeley told Marcia that the cultures done on Virginia were negative.

Marcia told me that “Chino” is Carlos Cxxxxxxxxx. Chino is a nickname for Carlos. Marcia continued to tell me that Carlos presently is in jail at 79 York Street , Springfield, Massachusetts. Carlos was caught with a stolen car in Lee, MA.

The disclosure that Virginia gave to Dr. Sheeley stated that XXXXX was present when the sexual violation occurred. I asked Marcia at this time who is XXXXX. I was told her husband. However, she continued to say that XXXXX is in prison at MCI, Gardner, Massachusetts. Marcia stated that he had been in prison for two years due to a break and entering charge. I told Marcia that Virginia stated to Dr. Sheeley that XXXXX was at the motel when she was assaulted. Marcia told me that XXXXX is her child. His date of birth is 1/28/82. Marcia told me she has a third child, YYYYY, d.o.b. 5/10/83. Marcia stated that only XXXXX and YYYYY are her husband’s children. Virginia has a different father.

Marcia stated that she began dating Chino in May, 1984. She continued to say that because he was physically abusive towards her, she stopped seeing him in late July, 1984.

Marcia said that she went to the Black Horse Motel, Riverdale Road, Springfield, MA on July 2, 1984. She said she brought Virginia and XXXXX with her to Springfield to see the fireworks on July 4. Marcia said she stayed at the Motel from July2 to July 5.

Marcia told her mother that she was sexually assaulted in the bathroom of the motel. Virginia told her mother that Chino put his penis in her mouth and he also rubbed her vagina.

Marcia told me that the assault had to occur when she left the motel to get Chinese food for a late dinner. Marcia said it was between 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. that she went by herself to get Chinese food. Marcia also stated that Virginia told her that Chino did not do anything to XXXXX. XXXXX was sleeping when Virginia was sexually assaulted. Virginia also told Marcia that Chino told her not to tell anyone what they did.

This worker talked with Marcia about her feelings regarding what has happened to Virginia. Marcia began crying when discussing her feelings.

Marcia was directed to call Lynn Wittier at ECDC to become involved with the victims group at ECDC. Marcia and I also discussed her desire to have her own therapist. Marcia requested her own therapist.


Outcome of Investigation

Reportable Condition Substantiated

Date Report Received: 10/13/84

Date of Home Visit: 10/18/84

Date of Substantiation Decision: 10/18/94

It is the decision of this worker to substantiate this report. This decision is made due to the reported child’s disclosures to DR. Sheeley and my conversation with the reported child’s mother.

A referral to the District Attorney’s office ahs been initiated.

Date and Time Family is Informed of Outcome of Investigation           10/18/84 3:00 p.m.