Gonorrhea Sidebar

January 24, 1985

MR. CONWAY: [To Julie Hanes] Did you get into a disagreement with David recently? I mean, since October.

MR. FORD: I object.

THE COURT: Yes. I don’t know what the relevance of this is. Do you want to be heard? I’ll hear you.

(Following discussion held side bar:

MR. CONWAY: Your Honor, my understanding is that an argument arose between David Hanes and Julie Hanes which was overhead by people. I don’t know whether I can produce them but I understand there was an argument between the two of them regarding David Hanes probably having gonorrhea. This started a fight which caused David to be ejected from the house and subsequently jailed for abuse.

MR. FORD: I sure don’t want him asking that question unless he has a witness to back it up with.

THE COURT: I’ll sustain the objection to that line of questioning unless you’ve got something with regard to that or something that this witness should know.

MR. CONWAY: Regarding the family situation, you know, she’s just talking in terms of Peter having problems and changing his attitude and the family situation whether or not there were fights going on between her and David. If she denies that it was not true that she brought a complaint or had a complaint brought against David for abuse, and whether or not she — she’s trying to say that this kid had problems. I’m interested to prove there’s another basis for the problem, the fighting, the carrying on where she goes to the police, through the court, and has this man charged and convicted of abuse.

MR. FORD: That’s one thing. But to talk about gonorrhea is something else entirely –

MR. CONWAY: I’ll stay away from that for now.

THE COURT: Stay away from the gonorrhea but you can inquire about the hose.

Side bar discussion concluded)