A Christmas Letter From His Family

Dear All Bee’s Supporters,

I’m not sure where to begin as is the case every time I begin a letter like this.

We had all hoped that Bee would be home for the holidays, but we have come much closer in the past five years, because of all of you. You have taken the time to care for someone most of you have never met.

It’s funny how life is — it was over twenty years ago my heart began to see its sorrows. I stopped trusting and believing in people and now because of all the support you have shown my son, a flicker of faith has been renewed.

As the holiday season is here, I rejoice and want to thank each and everyone of you for caring and giving of yourselves. I will always be grateful and I wish you all a wonderful holiday.

I would like to leave you with a quote I believe captures the winning spirit of all of you…

“There are but two ways which lead to great aims and achievements — energy and perseverance. Energy is a rare gift, it provokes opposition, hatred and reaction. But perseverance lies within the affordings of everyone; its power increases with its progress, and it but rarely misses its aim.”